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Pain & Label:

The Machine Learning (ML) revolution is here. It seems like every company and technical team wants to join this new wave of innovation. But what’s the first step?

Using Camera Data Effectively Without Facial Recognition

According to a July 2019 article in The New York Times, dozens of databases of people’s faces are being complied without their knowledge by companies, universities, government entities and others.

Announcing Stream Programming for Rapid IoE/IoT Development

Last week, we announced something I’m excited about and I wanted to write about it in language not stilted by press release customs. We released Stream Programming and Edge Computing in Sixgill Sense!

When Security Fails, Data Integrity Has Your Back

For many good reasons, security is an underlying obsession in any connected digital system. Most security provisions attempt to tightly control access, resist illicit intrusion and safeguard identities and valuable data from corruption and illegitimate extraction.

Sixgill and Intel Deliver New Connected Intelligence for IoT

Intel has just released a Solution Brief  – produced jointly with Sixgill – that details how Sixgill’s sensor data services platform delivers the next wave of IoT intelligence with Intel® architecture-based gateways. 

Sixgill – KONE Smart Construction Project Collaboration

Sixgill recently completed a first phase project with KONE for next generation people flow for the construction industry.

How 5G Changes the IoE Governance Game

Introduction of mobile’s 5th generation technology (5G) is underway. Industry operators, tech suppliers and vendors are moving rapidly to accelerate 5G rollout.

The New Era of the Sensing Application

Statista reports there are over 23 billion emitting devices of all types connected to the internet today.

Sixgill Named to Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

Sixgill continues to strengthen relationships across the IoT landscape and expand its marketplace presence.

Machine Learning At The Edge

‘IoT’ is, at its core, a functional requirement for an object to be connected to a network and accessible through some API.