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How 5G Changes the IoE Governance Game

Introduction of mobile’s 5th generation technology (5G) is underway. Industry operators, tech suppliers and vendors are moving rapidly to accelerate 5G rollout.

The New Era of the Sensing Application

Statista reports there are over 23 billion emitting devices of all types connected to the internet today.

Sixgill Named to Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

Sixgill continues to strengthen relationships across the IoT landscape and expand its marketplace presence.

Machine Learning At The Edge

‘IoT’ is, at its core, a functional requirement for an object to be connected to a network and accessible through some API.

Govern IoE

At Google’s I/O developer conference last week, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that more than two billion active Android devices are in use globally.

Proximity Technology: Key to IoT Value

The rollout of Bluetooth 5 in early 2017 is expected to quadruple the range, double the speed and boost data broadcasting capacity by 800%. Combined with other advances such as smart proximity awareness, this new Bluetooth version will greatly advance IoT capabilities.

How Smart Venues Use Proximity Awareness

For event organizers, large venue owners such as stadiums, arenas and convention centers—and anyone else responsible for large, live event management—Smart Proxim­ity Awareness

The Fourth Dimension of Enterprise Information

The Wall Street Journal reported in May of this year that productivity in the US has not only stagnated but entered “negative growth” in the year’s first quarter.

Sense™ in Motion: Communications & Productivity

People are the heart of our businesses. How we communicate with them, how flexible we are to their work habits, and basically, how happy they are doing their work, is directly related to how productive they are.

Thinking beyond location

Location data is just a spot on the map. Movement snapshotted in time forcing static measurements on a dynamic world.