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Sixgill® builds data automation and authenticity products for builders of advanced AI-driven applications informed by the diverse and voluminous data streams emitted by Internet of Everything (IoE) instrumentation. Our bedrock “data-first” orientation enables developers and organizations to master one knowledge base to radically simplify and accelerate development, deployment and maintenance of networked devices applications, while platform portability guards against confining vendor lock-in.

With the Sixgill product suite, organizations can easily acquire, analyze and act on IoE data, including images, sound and video, at any velocity or scale, to create sophisticated AI solutions to everyday business problems. The Sixgill product suite consists of Sense™ as the solutions-building and deployment platform for device data applications. HyperLabel™ simplifies and accelerates creation of annotated data sets for Machine Learning models in AI applications. Integrity™ provides real-time Blockchain data authenticity assurance for any data stream.


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Carlos Anchia

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos brings vast technical leadership experience to Sixgill with a proven track record in creating new business value and driving long-term customer success. While aligning cutting-edge technology solutions with current and emergent business needs, Carlos builds and maintains effective business relationships with high-profile industry partners, cross-organizational teams and his staff.

Prior to joining Sixgill, Carlos built and released a global IoT platform at Insteon where he developed deep partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. The successful launch comprised a number of industry firsts in Mobile and Web experiences for the Smart Home. Previously, Carlos drove technical excellence across a large multi-discipline software team at Distillery. As the CTO for CURAGO, he was responsible for all technical facets of the business, as well as formation and mentorship of strong development teams. Carlos is committed to helping Enterprise customers by providing technical guidance for solving the complexities of complete Data Lifecycle Management at scale.

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Elizabeth Shonnard

Chief Product Officer

Elizabeth Shonnard has led productization of a series of multi-layer, compute-intensive software service platforms, usually pioneering the product management function in her companies.

She began her career while still in college, as an engineer and product leader at Alelo, which developed a social simulation, rich media learning platform for culture and language training. Her product helped US troops perform more effectively when deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. E.B. similarly built and led the product function at Bottlenose, where she simultaneously transformed the usability, scalability and data diversity of the Nerve Center real-time streaming data ingestion, comprehension and analytics platform for enterprise. As a product consultant, she led collaborative innovation teams at Google, Adidas and others, and later joined Distillery Tech, a design and development agency, to launch their startup & enterprise products development division, leading the product, UI and UX teams. As at Sixgill, E.B. has productized nascent technologies to a very high functional and usability standard, creating the products that put her companies into revenue and sustainable funding.

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Logan Spears

Chief Technology Officer

Logan’s career began when he started a software development shop out of his West Virginia University dorm room. His company specialized in oil & gas and logistics, and operated for three years in the epicenter of the Marcellus Shale boom. While consulting for ShaleApps, pitched as Uber for the Oilfield, Logan was offered a full-time position to run the engineering department. In his first three months, Logan cut engineering costs by 50% and built an in-house team from scratch. This positioned ShaleApps to be successfully acquired in less than a year.

Following interests in Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning, Logan moved to California to join Sixgill and help create a platform that solves some of the major challenges in these areas. As a hands-on manager and true full-stack engineer, Logan has worked on and led nearly every part of the Sixgill stack including mobile, server, and machine learning.

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Denny Reinert

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Denny has spent the majority of his career in technology start-ups spearheading market adoption of first-of-a-kind technologies, building solutions leadership across global enterprise markets, driving high-value customer success, and creating recurring revenue streams.

Focused primarily on building the location-based services marketplace at MapQuest, NAVTEQ (now Here.com), Placecast and LocationSmart, Denny’s proven sales and leadership expertise have resulted in four successful exits via IPO and acquisition. He has played an instrumental role in the launch of a number of industry firsts including the first location-based mobile ad network, the first live streamed press conferences for the Denver Broncos, the first online store locators, as well as an early foray into virtual reality back in 1995. An industry pioneer, Denny has been a featured speaker, MC and panelist at numerous industry events and sat on the board of advisors for two Colorado-based start-ups.

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Joan Silver

Vice President, Product Marketing

Joan brings 20 years of startup innovation experience to her role leading product marketing for Sixgill. The creator of brands that became household names and promoter of technology solutions that earned global acclaim, Joan has propelled multiple startups through successful IPOs and subsequent acquisitions.

Joan brings significant experience in positioning and building rapid-growth, cross-platform B2B and B2C organizations with first-of-a-kind technologies including MapQuest and Traffic.com. Her experience also includes strategic marketing and corporate communication leadership roles with Aol, Time Warner, NAVTEQ and Nokia as well as co-founding and advising several startups. Joan's expertise spans marketing, sales, business development, location-based services, big data analytics, enterprise software, mobile apps, secure messaging and advertising solutions.

The Board

Harry Hopper


  • 28+ years investing in Telecom/Mobile/IT
  • Former Managing Partner (retired) at Columbia Capital (CMT Venture Capital firm with $2.5 Billion under management)
  • President telecom investment bank, Entrepreneur/Founder 2 venture backed companies
  • Current Boards: PR Wireless, LendPro, Mobile Financial Partners, MFP LeaseCo. Former Boards: Public – MetroPCS (PCS); Equinix (EQIX), Pegasus (PGTV), DSL.net (DSLN): Private – 5 Mobile Network Operators, 10 Media, IT Service Co.’s
  • Forbes Midas List (2011)

Phil Ressler


Phil has been serially involved in building companies and expanding markets for a wide range of innovators in enterprise data availability, comprehension and collaboration spanning the mobile, web, networking and PC eras. See Phil’s full bio above in Team.

Christopher Rogers


  • Co-Founder of Nextel Communications
  • Director at LightSquared, PlayStar, and the Wireless Board Registry
  • Partner at Lumia Capital