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Sixgill helps your most ambitious IoT and Internet of Everything (IoE) projects succeed. Our data automation and authenticity products are accompanied by SDKs, APIs, and edge agents that are designed to give you the speed, scalability, extensibility, and ease of use you need.

Whether you’re developing for the cloud, the edge or a combination of both, look no further than the Sixgill’s product suite for all your sensor data collection, processing, enrichment and automation requirements.

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Starting A Machine Learning Data Labeling Project?

We built HyperLabel for that!

HyperLabel is a new desktop toolkit that removes your labeling roadblocks giving you the fastest path to easier, better Machine Learning. Download HyperLabel today and get started for free.

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Sixgill Sense For


Saving months of programming, Sense provides the technical foundation for sensor data automation for rapid, uniform IoT/IoE application development for a wide range of use cases.

Rapidly Deploy Sensor-Informed Applications

  • Massively scalability accommodates rapid and
    extensive growth requirements
  • Automatic deployment, cross-platform syncing,
    easy SDK integration
  • Optimize battery usage based on algorithms that
    determine when and at what cadence to poll a
    sensor or ping a device
  • Sense Machine Learning provides for easy and
    rapid deployment and lifecycle management of
    training data and ML models

Aggregate Device And Sensor Data

  • Aggregate all sensor data across the enterprise—
    cameras, beacons, phones, wifi, bluetooth, smart
    devices, RFID, etc.
  • Sensor and device independent normalized data ingestion

Real-Time Action Based On Customizable Rules

  • Create rules based on geolocation, user behavior
    (dwell time, activity type), persona, environmental
    triggers, etc.
  • Lower latency and cost with Edge deployment,
    improve speed and accuracy of real-time actions
  • Advanced indoor/outdoor spatial determination
  • Landmark libraries for geofence creation

Extensible Platform Through Custom Plugins

  • IoT Developers can create new plugins for
    specialized use cases
  • Integrate external data (demographics, weather,
    etc.) for richer insights
  • Integrate with enterprise systems: single sign-on,
    push systems, monitoring, etc.

System Administration And IoT Monitoring Tools

  • Manage devices and data streams
  • Live metrics, analysis and reporting
  • Administer rules, actions, and messaging
  • Easily create or import geofences and landmarks


  • Authentication, authorization, and data security
  • All communications encrypted
  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment
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