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An explosion of sensor-emitted data gives us new ways to understand the world inside and outside the enterprise. Sensors, of all kinds, generate unblinking data streams creating rich opportunities for sensor-informed applications automating and analyzing real-time operations.

Sixgill Sense is an optimized sensor data automation system for the management of time-series data collection, enrichment, processing, discovery and programmatic response. Sense combines time-series sensor data with contextual and systems data to unify data ecosystems across organizations.

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Whereas humans are superior at detecting and discerning nuance, cameras with computers are consistent, thorough, and never blink. Combining these advantages, new computing innovations transform cameras from mere image collectors into smart optical sensors. The result is unblinking anomaly detection informed by human cognition.

To enhance existing camera infrastructure, or new deployments, Sense Vision automates camera data collection, processing, and actions based on real-time, Machine Learning-enabled visual intelligence in the Cloud, on the Edge, or both. Sense Vision offloads the technical complexities and minimizes costs typically associated with advanced camera data automation.

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Data-managed and automated devices can suffer disastrous malfunctions when data has been compromised and wrongly trusted. We assume bad actors will intrude in any network, however, sensor data itself is defensible. Therefore, people and automated systems can be protected from automation informed by inauthentic data.

Integrity is a device- and ledger-agnostic solution that delivers blockchain-based authenticity for any data stream. Using a distributed ledger public on-chain / off-chain, hybrid architecture, Integrity safeguards data veracity, validates device authenticity and enables continuous regulatory-grade auditability and real-time actionability.

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An increasingly common (and increasingly problematic) misunderstanding that large data volume is the only prerequisite to Machine Learning success. In fact, the quality of the data labeling for training datasets is the real key to smarter, faster ML model creation and deployment.

HyperLabel provides a complete, easy-to-use desktop toolset to ensure labeling quality, with speed, accuracy and consistency. With complete data ownership, control and privacy, spend more time on training instead of building internal tools and integrations with labeling service. HyperLabel is available for download on the Mac App and Microsoft stores.

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