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Machine Learning Accelerated

Create labeled datasets at hyper speed

  • FREE app for faster, better training data
  • Upgraded labeling methods
  • Novel data type processing
  • Desktop labeling keeps data private
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Easier, Faster, Better ML Labeling

HyperLabel is a complete, easy-to-use desktop toolset for Data Scientists, Engineers, Developers, and anyone who wants to create faster, better ML model training data.

  • Flexible User-Defined Schema

    Create custom schemas with rectangles, polygons, constellations, points, free text, select, and multi-select to support a wide range of data labeling use cases.

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    Data Privacy & Control

    Keep your data private and label it where it lives. Import files from your local drives or cloud storage—we don’t touch your data.

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    QA Interface

    The quality of your Machine Learning depends on the quality of your training data. Hyperlabel’s QA Interface enables quick and efficient batch reviews of labeled data before using it for machine learning training data.

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    ML Assisted Labeling

    Use pre-trained classifiers for common objects to automatically create labels for you.

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    Simple User Experience

    Fast setup. Straightforward customizations. Everything explained.

  • Easy Export

    Export labels to JSON and include them in your training process.

Sixgill for Developers

Sixgill is dedicated to making your data more valuable—faster and easier—with a full suite of universal sensor data automation and authenticity products designed for developers and enterprise IT teams. Learn more about all our products and services today.

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