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Episode 4: Sensor Data Use Cases

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Episode 4: Sensor Data Use Cases
Series: Making Sense of Sensor Data

Phil Ressler: A common theme that people ask us about is use cases.

Denny Reinert: It really depends on the company and what they’re trying to solve.

I’ve had a number of conversations with utility companies around the world. And a lot of the problems that they’re facing are related to disaster type of scenarios.

And one of the difficulties they have is being able to find the right person quickly who can fix a particular transformer or a power line that is down for example.

So that’s a big problem.

Elizabeth Shonnard: The relatively new addition of being able to add a cell connection to a watch really changes how you can manage your workforce when they’re in the field.

There are safety use cases here. There are efficiency use cases. It really opens up the ability to have much more communication and management over a workforce than you would be able to have in the past.

Phil Ressler: We provide a set of backbone services that enable sensor data ingestion, understanding, intersection identification and then an automated response.

The use cases are never going to be anticipated by a back-end services company. We’re going to draw people to us who say: “Okay, now that I understand what you do, this is what I think it will enable”.

Sometimes they keep a person out of harm’s way. Sometimes they get a person a better deal in a store. Sometimes it means that a major pump failing in a liquid fuels distribution infrastructure gets repaired sooner or a catastrophe is avoided.

We believe the market is going to identify a vastly greater number of use cases than we could ever identify.

We’re going to be pulled into a huge range of things.