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Orchestrate, Manage and Track Enterprise Assets with One Backbone System

We combine the latest IoT tracking technologies and automated intelligence into one foundational system for IoT asset management, data collection, processing, discovery and automation. Our asset tracking IoT solution makes the information it collects and processes more valuable by allowing enterprises to:

  • Process asset data from state-of-the-art tracking devices, including video cameras
  • Automate real-time actions, such as alerts, using on-device edge computing
  • Locate assets, track dwell time and movement with built-in geolocation capabilities
  • Predict day-to-day resource needs for staffing and equipment
  • Deliver live data and inform long-term planning with data-driven insights
  • Benefit from built-in Machine Learning capabilities for video data
  • Automate task, departmental, and enterprise processes with usage and status updates
  • Share all asset data via one backbone system for cross-enterprise insights


A convergence of market and technology trends make the right time for hospitals to re-think current RTLS, asset tracking and management strategies for the future.

  • Instantly capture all asset information, transmit data and alerts as needed to appropriate staff, reducing—even eliminating—errors and delays to deliver critical time and cost savings
  • Accurately collect meaningful data and analyze it live or over time to change processes, improve planning, and predict needs
  • Powerfully add AI and ML to your data-centric system to deepen insights and deepened benefits from intelligent interpretation of your asset information
  • Sixgill’s data-centric Sense for Hospital Asset Orchestration solution digitally transforms hospital equipment tracking and supply chain processes


Sixgill unifies retail environments with one complete sensor data system, pre-built to streamline operations and services with end-to-end automation. With included capabilities to integrate multiple sensors and data types, Sense provides real-time situation- and location-based information gathering that can be shared in-store and across multiple store locations.

Sense integrates with Sixgill Integrity for blockchain-based data authenticity providing retailers with assurance of the integrity of supply chains. From point of origination-to-retailer, goods can be tracked by Integrity with permanent data audit trails, fraud detection and alerts to any attempt at data compromise.

  • Enhance customer engagement with personalized marketing and content delivery
  • Analyze in-store customer behaviors, gaze, dwell times to inform merchandising and store design
  • Monitor shopper flow, wait times and trigger action based on real-time status
  • Optimize staffing levels and automate employee workflows, alerting
  • Manage POS interactions and inventory for efficient replenishment and planning
  • Ensure store safety and security with continual monitoring and insights
  • Share knowledge and metrics and manage Sense with easy-to-use custom dashboards


Sense for Warehouse Asset Orchestration provides pre-built solution that connects, combines and automates warehouse and/or Distribution Center (DC) sensor data from IoT and connected devices such as worker wearables, dock areas, connected cold storage or connected lift trucks. 

Within Sense are specialized computer vision capabilities for camera data collection and processing. Sense Vision automatically transforms video data (including LiDAR) into frame-by-frame time-series and combines it with other sources and types of data for deepened insights and more informed actions. 

  • Ensure the safety and security of warehouse and distribution center facilities
  • Track location, proximity and movement of workers, equipment and tools
  • Monitor facilities and processes for internal policy or regulatory compliance
  • Gain real-time knowledge of inventory levels and replenishment scheduling
  • Automate equipment monitoring to ensure high uptime and maintenance efficiency


Sixgill Sense for Construction Asset Orchestration provides end-to-end capabilities for automated tracking and management of worksite assets—workers, equipment, tools and supplies—to improve safety, productivity and profitability while reducing risk and liability.

With Sense, stakeholders can more easily remotely monitor and manage tasks, processes, compliance, equipment utilization, and much more:

  • Enhance worksite operations, trigger immediate actions and improve planning
  • Ensure worker safety and productivity using sensors (including video cameras), mobile devices and wearables
  • Monitor equipment for location, proximity, movement and status for improved safety compliance, utilization/waste and maintenance planning
  • Track supplies, tools and materials for enhanced worksite security and inventory management
  • Process video camera data with Machine Learning for continual monitoring, intelligent interpretation, and instant actions