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Business Challenge

Mobility in business is a permanent trend and the enterprise need for control never ends. But you don’t have to choose. You can champion both.

People are at the heart of your business. They are constantly moving, within your facilities and outside. And with the large distributed nature of today’s workforces where employees (and contractors) are frequently working in the field, maintaining accountability and meeting compliance requirements can prove challenging.

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IoT Compliance & Safety Solution

Sixgill enables you to overcome these challenges and capitalize on this trend by providing you with the ability to harness mobility, and turn it into a business asset. By tracking the location of your workforce and the proximity of people to the things that matter, you can pro-actively address workforce accountability, safety and compliance issues.

In a recent year, OSHA conducted more than 37,000 workplace inspections and identified over 83,000 violations. In 2015 OSHA issued more than 165 significant fines (over $100,000) for the year, with a total value of $35.1 million for non-compliance of workforce safety. And that’s just one area of compliance…

Get Started

Get the Sixgill Mobile Workforce Audit & Compliance Solution and track, determine and act in real-time to maintain accountability, auditing and compliance requirements, reduce risk, and lower costs.

  • Leverage the latest in mobile proximity technology to locate, audit and log the movement of your workforce and contractors
  • Automate compliance requirements with our 3rd party data and systems integrations
  • Pro-actively address workforce compliance and safety issues with our configurable rules engine, notifications, and automation features
  • Track historical trends and data for auditing, compliance and reporting requirements
  • Reduce risk with real-time delivery of contextually relevant data based on proximity
  • Extend the capabilities of your existing mobile solution or a deploy a new one

No matter the size of your workforce or the complexity of your operations, Sixgill can help you configure an IoT safety solution to address your workforce compliance safety, productivity, and communications needs.

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