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Business Challenge

Today’s enterprise has an ever-expanding mobile workforce and increasingly sophisticated, connected assets. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, crises and emergencies, communication becomes more critical than ever.

Yet, experience shows that typically more than 50 percent of businesses without an effective crisis management solution will ultimately fail following a major disruption.

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Enhanced Emergency Management System with Sixgill

Do you have the ability to determine in real-time the exact location of all your employees and message them appropriately in the event of a crisis? By proximity-enabling your mobile apps, you can use business rules, integrated notifications and automation to rapidly modify business functions, get relevant safety information to employees, and protect systems and operations during an emergency.


Get Started

Get the Sense Emergency Management solution to track, determine and act in real-time when crisis hits.

  • Reduce your risk and increase the safety and security of your workforce
  • Solidify your business continuity plan with an enterprise-ready mobile communications solution
  • Leverage the latest in mobile proximity technology to locate and proactively communicate with employees via their mobile device
  • Reduce response times and communicate directly with affected and at-risk employees
  • Proactively protect your people and operations with our configurable rules engine, notifications, 3rd party data integrations, and automation features
  • Extend the capabilities of your existing mobile emergency management solution or deploy a new one

No matter the size of your workforce or the complexity of your operations, Sixgill can help you configure an IoT-based disaster management system solution to address your critical communications needs.

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