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Sixgill Sense

One platform to power
sensored device applications
for the Internet of Things, Context, Everything, People, Places

  • Sixgill: Who We Are

    We are a backbone for governance of the Internet of Everything. Sixgill enables the governance of connected assets—people, places and things—with our universal sensor data services platform for easier, faster, and more flexible IoE application development. We unlock the value of IoE and IoT by taking noisy, voluminous data and identifying exception events—the valuable data intersections that are pertinent to business problems that our customers care about in the moment.

  • Sixgill Sense: How it Works

    As the backbone for IoE governance in the enterprise, Sense enables organizations to acquire sensor data at any volume or velocity, understand it, and act on it programmatically. IoT, IIoT and IoE developers and product owners use Sense to unify sensor data knowledge, management, process automation and analytics for enterprise-wide sensor-informed application development.

    Learn more in our Sense Overview video below.

  • Sense 2.0 Product Brief

    Sense features and benefits provide a unique combination of IoE technology, services and capacity-maximizing capabilities. With continuous IoT sensor data collection and real-time understanding, Sense helps enterprises know what assets are available, where they are and their operating state while keeping behaviors and actions on track.

    Download Product Brief
  • Sense 2.0 Architecture White Paper

    Sense solves fragmentation and integration problems with a common, cross-enterprise architecture unbounded for scale and unrestricted for extensibility and deployment. Sense fits within the infrastructure of any enterprise for development of a wide range of task-specific applications for sensor-equipped assets.

    Download Architecture White Paper



ACQUIRE massive amounts of sensor data from numerous distinct sources,

ANALYZE and process the information to identify data intersections and extract meaning, and

ACT on data rapidly with rules-based triggers processed as close as possible to the edge of a network.

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    • Collect sensor data on all your IoE assets—people, places and things.
    • Know where your assets are and what their status is while keeping deployment and actions on track.
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    • Connect internal or third party analytics software for application-specific purposes.
    • Understand sensor data history, trends and patterns to optimize planning and productivity.
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    • Program situation-specific actions with custom rules leveraging device or user attributes, geospatial targeting and contextual triggers.
    • Programmatically post updates or trigger business logic on existing enterprise systems.


Sense is an open, highly scalable system designed for organizations to deploy and manage sensor-informed applications more easily and rapidly.

  • Universal Ingestion of sensor and contextual data
  • Data processing and consolidation
  • Flexible deployment on any cloud or data center
  • Geo IoE plugin for end-to-end proximity & motion services
  • Developer-friendly extensibility and adoptability
  • Scalable, real-time edge processing
  • Centralized administration and monitoring, and dedicated support
  • Intrinsic security
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Sensor-Informed IoE Applications You Already Know:
Proximity for the People, Assets and Crowds

Trigger messages to employees, customers and partners based on their movements and locations. Track gear and machine assets as they are being manufactured, moved from building to building or deployed ad hoc for global projects. Direct event attendees or public crowd toward optimal transit routes to decrease congestion, enhance security, manage emergencies or to simply improve their experience.

Explore Example Use Cases


Sixgill sensor data services underpin major carrier application initiatives and have powered crowd management and global audience communications for major events in North America and Europe.

Our sensor intelligence engine has been used to track people and things anywhere in the world via a cloud dashboard, identify and manage risk through automated, context-specific messaging, and enable IoT developers to quickly create and deploy enterprise-scale proximity solutions integrated with external enterprise systems and software.


Meet the challenges of IoE governance in your enterprise.

Contact us today to get started with Sense, your sensor data destination.