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One product suite
to power data
automation, authenticity, and action
in the Internet of Things, Context, Everything, People, Places

  • Sixgill:
    Who We Are

    We are a backbone for governance of the Internet of Everything. Sixgill enables the governance of connected assets—people, places and things —with our universal sensor data services platform for easier, faster, and more flexible IoE/IoT application development. We unlock the value of IoE and IoT by taking noisy, voluminous data and identifying exception events—the valuable data intersections that are pertinent to business problems that our customers care about in the moment.

Our Products

  • Sense is the sensor data destination. Unifying disparate, noisy data streams into one system for IoT/IoE applications, Sense identifies actionable exception events, and triggers programmatic responses reliably and at scale.

  • Sense Vision delivers powerful decision automation for video data. Automating data collection, processing, and analysis for any camera, Sense Vision transforms imagery with Machine Learning for visual intelligence and instant actionability.

  • Integrity assures Blockchain authenticity for any data stream. Enforcing end-to-end, real-time accessibility and immutable auditability, Integrity protects data authenticity throughout the full data lifecycle.

  • HyperLabel is the fastest path to Machine Learning.Offering complete ownership and privacy of data, HyperLabel is a fast, easy desktop application for anyone who wants to create high-quality model training data.

We Are IoE Data Experts



Scalable and flexible sensor, meta and systems data collection and ingestion with real-time data enrichment occurring on the Edge


Normalization and fusion for standardized data aggregation with powerful Machine Learning capabilities and Blockchain authenticity for any data stream


Interactive identification of data anomalies, trends, and patterns with live detection and visualization of people, spaces and things with real-time reporting and immutable audit trails


Easily configurable rules programmatically trigger instant alerting and automated actions with ML-powered intelligence on the Edge

Unifying IoE Data Knowledge & Application Development Across Vertical Markets & IoT, IIoT, & IoE Functional Use Cases

Essential data services power the full spectrum of applications that enterprises and industries need to optimize data automation today to future-proof internal systems for tomorrow.

Explore Our Complete Product Suite

Proven At Scale

Sixgill data automation services underpin major application initiatives including crowd management and communications for major events in North America and Europe.

Our data intelligence engine has been used to track and monitor people, places and things anywhere in the world. We’re helping organizations identify and manage the situations they care about through interactive data discovery, live metrics and context-specific alerting. Our product suite is developer-friendly enabling quick development and deployment of enterprise-scale solutions integrated with internal and external data sources, enterprise systems and software.

Meet the challenges of IoE governance in your enterprise today and future-proof your internal systems for tomorrow.

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