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Announcing Stream Programming for Rapid IoE/IoT Development

Last week, we announced something I’m excited about and I wanted to write about it in language not stilted by press release customs. We released Stream Programming and Edge Computing in Sixgill Sense!

Since arriving here, it’s been my mission to let IoT, IIoT and IoE developers focus on innovation and speed to market by creating the most extensible, simple, and scalable platform for sensor and time-series data innovation. Last week we released a dead-simple way to add Javascript IoT code for nearly any use case into the Sense real-time processing pipeline. We call it Sense Stream Programming. What’s more, we’ve released it both for our cloud platform and Reach, our mobile SDK and edge agent, so new functionality for any kind of IoE/IoT deployment is quick and painless to build.

Our edge agent has nearly universal deployment on IoT gateways so building and managing rules and functions through our full-featured dashboard makes it easier than ever to scale and future-proof sensor applications. As always, we’ve taken a security-first approach so all JS functions are sandboxed and thoroughly controlled. This programmatic data logic can be used in addition to our rules interface and API or independently to create microservices that enrich, filter, route, and manipulate data to enable business logic to be executed on the edge of the network.

Want a hard example? Use our advanced geolocation features in addition to Stream Programming to trigger rules in real-time with 3rd party APIs. Just last week our mobile sdk and Programmatic Data Streams were used to augment our rules engine with real-time traffic data to send an alert when a user has a desired ETA to a specific location. This feature took way under an hour to create and deploy IoT end-to-end. Easy!