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Gain Access to Permanent Audit Trails and Alerts to any Data Compromise with an End-to-End Data Integrity System.

Assure Data Authenticity, Security & Actionability Throughout The Full Data Lifecycle

  • Defend data veracity with Blockchain immutability and real-time data automation
  • Easy implementation with Sixgill Sense
  • Edge availability
  • Configurable reporting and dashboard
  • Proactive, automated alerting
  • Live interactive audit trails
  • Rich meta-data contextualization
  • Data lifecycle and point-of-origin tracking
  • Sixgill Sense is not required; Integrity can protect any data stream

Download Integrity FAQ Sheet

Data integrity and security solutions are the new emerging necessity for all organizations and across market applications including the following examples:


Permanent auditability, traceability and certainty required for medical data and clinical trials

Supply Chain

Immutable data evidence of authenticity of goods origin and permanent traceability to originating data source(s)


Verified authenticity of smart contracts and loan underwriting with both traditional and non-traditional and IoT-generated data; advanced, thorough and immutable audit trail building & exploration for any financial process


Widely-distributed, automated infrastructure informed by sensor inputs and powered by programmatic action triggers do not act on suspect data


Rate-setting and claim-settling based on dynamic data collected from smart devices, smart homes, sensor-intensive vehicles, smart buildings, etc.

Continuous Auditing For Regulation, Finance, Compliance

Add completely trustless audit trails to any enterprise data ecosystem

Integrity Benefits

All Sensor, Systems, & Meta Data Is Managed In One Intuitive Interface

Included Services For Machine Learning & Edge Computing

Easy Rules Set Up For Instant Alerts & Edge Actions

Configurable Reporting, Dashboard Monitoring, Live Metrics & Administration

Sixgill for Developers

Sixgill is dedicated to making your data more valuable—faster and easier—with a full suite of universal sensor data automation and authenticity products designed for developers and enterprise IT teams. Learn more about all our products and services today.

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