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Powerful Decision Automation For IoT Video Data

Sense Vision combines new and existing capabilities in Sixgill Sense allowing for unified, high-performing video data management, collection, and automation. Camera data is ingested via the Sense Vision Data Pipeline and prepared for deep learning and analysis. Sense Vision processes and enriches live video data with existing or custom ML classifications, object recognition or entity extraction models.

Sense Vision features the breakthrough Sense Vision Positioning System (VPS) for object location and movement tracking without the need for external mapping data or instrumenting of assets that are tracked. The enterprise can now extensively deploy cameras for operating efficiencies, safety and asset intelligence without imposing the privacy violations and pernicious errors of facial recognition.


Always-On Vision Intelligence

  • Easily connect new or existing cameras
  • Flexibly customize to meet specific business needs
  • Instantly collect and process data and view live metrics
  • Leverage breakthrough Vision Positioning System (VPS) for people & object location, proximity, and movement
  • Monitor and track location, volume, movement, and behavior of people and things
  • Understand building, room, and common space utilization
  • Identify activity and behavior, and trigger real-time actions
  • Protect personal privacy with edge technology
  • Enforce location- and situation-based safety and security

Video analytics use case opportunities include:

Smart Spaces & Venues

  • Understand people and object behaviors
  • Inform design planning and post build analysis
  • Recognize activity/engagement/behaviors



  • Enhance guest experience & engagement
  • Connect inter/intra property operations
  • Manage workforce/staff location & tasks

Academic Campuses & Facilities

  • Monitor indoor & outdoor spaces autonomously
  • Strengthen security & safety
  • Detect abnormal patterns, movement

Mining, Oil & Gas

  • Enforce safety & security requirements
  • Comply with regulations using data-based verification
  • Create accurate, auditable data assets

Warehouse Management

  • Monitor worksites autonomously
  • Ensure worker productivity, safety
  • Track cartons, shipments, equipment


Sense Vision Benefits

All Data is Managed With One Backbone Data Automation System

Included Services For Machine Learning & Edge Computing

Easy Rules Set Up For Instant Alerts & Edge Actions

Centralized Dashboard Monitoring, Live Metrics & Administration

Sixgill for Developers

Sixgill is dedicated to making your data more valuable—faster and easier—with a full suite of universal sensor data automation and authenticity products designed for developers and enterprise IT teams. Learn more about all our products and services today.

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