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Solution Brief

Sixgill & Intel Deliver IoT Intelligence with Sensor Data Platform & Architecture-Based Gateways

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Sixgill Delivers the Next Wave of Connected Intelligence with a Powerful Sensor Data Platform and Intel® Architecture-Based Gateways

Automate sensor data services for applications that unite management of people, places, and things for immediate action

Executive summary

Data from smart sensors is rapidly enabling the next wave of automation in the IoT, IIoT, and IoE. However, many enterprises do not have the capabilities to aggregate and analyze this data or to automate actions based on the resulting insight. Sixgill Sense* is a sensor data services platform designed to meet the requirements of highly diverse sensor-generated data. Sense is fully optimized, end-to-end, for the efficient and scalable ingestion and organization of time-series data. Sense brings the ability to identify actionable exception events from noisy sensor data streams and trigger programmatic responses reliably and at scale. It includes responsive edge computing capabilities to preserve functionality during connectivity interruptions, attack network latency, and optimize data transfers to the cloud. Together with high-performance, reliable Intel® architecture-based gateways, Sixgill Sense enables organizations to quickly, easily, and effectively integrate and act on the growing profusion of sensor data.