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Business Challenge

People are at the heart of your business. They are constantly moving, within your facilities and outside. Making them productive, motivated, and safe is a key driver of business success and a fundamental business challenge.

Adding to the challenge, is the large distributed nature of today’s workforces where numerous employees (and contractors) are working in the field, not an office, and where monitoring and maintaining productivity in real-time can prove challenging.

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Workforce Optimization Solution

Sixgill provides you the ability to harness this mobility, turning it into a business asset. By understanding the location of your workforce and the proximity of people to the things that matter, you can make them more productive, accountable, efficient and safe.

According to Centre for Economics and Business Research, workforce productivity has increased by 84% over the last four decades thanks to advancements in digital technology. But there is still a ways to go…

Get Started

Get the Sixgill Mobile Enterprise Workforce Communications and Productivity Optimization solution and capitalize on the power of mobile proximity and a powerful configurable rules engine to track, determine and act in real-time to increase the efficiency of your workforce and operations, reduce risk, and lower costs.

  • Leverage the latest in mobile proximity technology to locate and proactively communicate with employees via their mobile device
  • Improve workforce productivity with intelligent rules-based routing and communication
  • Monitor workforce performance and efficiency in real-time
  • Track historical trends and data to find patterns and opportunities for efficiency gains
  • Increase response times with real-time delivery of contextually relevant data based on proximity
  • Pro-actively address operational challenges with our configurable rules engine, notifications, 3rd party data integrations, and automation features
  • Extend the capabilities of your existing mobile solution or deploy a new one.

No matter the size of your workforce or the complexity of your operations, Sixgill can help you configure a workforce optimization solution to address your workforce productivity and communications needs.

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Additional Use Cases

Audit and Compliance

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Emergency Management

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